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April Development Update

February 7, 2022

In April we completely overhauled the notification and reminder system, you can now see all notifications due to be sent and those already sent from within the marketing section of the admin dashboard. We understand the importance of these notifications being accurate and relevant which is why MOT data is now automatically updated from the DVLA every single minute and future notifications will be silenced should a booking be made relating to the notification.

Other updates include

  • Home feed notification cards are now open by default showing actionable buttons and further information.
  • A “Thank you for your business” email is now sent out when bookings are completed. This email contains a link for customers to leave a review on your chosen review site. I.e. Google reviews, Trustpilot.
  • Customer signup data and last login stats are now shown for customers.
  • Adding new products and promotions workflow improved.
  • Customers can now delete their account.
  • Products and promotions preview bug fixes.
  • Customer name added to bookings list.
  • When a vehicle fails its MOT and is not retested the app will now state that the MOT is overdue.
  • Bookings will now stay on the dashboard until completed.
  • Improved organisation of customer screen.
  • Tax status of a vehicle can now be seen by the service centre within the vehicle details screen.
  • Improved the customer app login flow.