Car Loyalty Scheme

Looking to run a loyalty scheme at your service centre or workshop? Let us show you how to run a loyalty scheme through the MyCars app.

Reward your exiting customers and build repeat business.

Add and customize member offers.

Promote offers on your app home feed.

Apply your service centre branding.

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Gamify your booking and loyalty scheme with reward points and badges

Soon your customers will be able to earn points and badges that can be achieved by completing specific actions, such as booking a Service with an MOT or referring a friend to your service centre. Your customers can then use these points to spend or unlock offers at your service centre to increase customer loyalty, engagement and profitability.

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Not convinced yet?

Here are just some of the top reasons to get the MyCars app for your service centre.

Simplify Bookings

You and your customers can make and manage bookings within just a few clicks. Saving everyone time making phone calls and sending emails.

Automatic Reminders

Once your customers have added a vehicle to their account the app automatically sends out MOT and service reminders.

Build Loyalty

Build repeat business with exclusive rewards and offers. Your existing customers are your most profitable.