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Check MOT Widget

February 7, 2022
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Every month 2.7 million people search for the term MOT check (source SEM rush Aug 2021). This phrase is so big that many companies are now using this search term to drive traffic to their websites even though they do not offer MOT’s themselves. One such example is webuyanycar.com. If you offer MOT’s you could be missing out on potential business if you do not take advantage of the traffic that these keywords could provide you.

This is why we created a smart and easy to use MOT checker widget that can be added to any car workshop or garage website. Potential customers just need to enter their registration to check the current MOT status of their vehicle. Once they have checked this they can choose to set a reminder or book an MOT online with you.

See our demo site to try the booking widget yourself - Demo Workshop Website.

For the maximum impact we recommend placing the widget on your home page and/or a dedicated landing page containing other unique and informative content relevant to MOT’s. Try answering some common questions such as “Does an MOT check brakes?” or “What should one consider before the MOT Test?”. By doing this you can improve your search engine rank and increase the amount of time your customers spend on your website. We use a tool called SEMRush to find out common search phrases and topics.