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Getting access to digital service records as an independent service centre

May 22, 2024

A lot of manufacturers have already switched to digital service records and you may think that only the main dealers can get access to and update these records. However this is not the case as independent garages can do this as well, although they don’t always make it easy!

Jaguar and Land Rover Digital Service Records(TOPIx)

Since the two brands are part of the same group you only have to register once. Once registered you will not only be able to view and update service records but for you also also see the vehicles specification including options fitted.

Visit JLR TOPIx and register as an independent operator.

Mercedes-Benz Digital Service Booklet (DSB)

Mercedes were one of the first to move over to a digital service record and as a result the software is built of some fairly old technology so you will need to install Java on the computers you are using it on. However once you get over this hurdle it is just as easy to use.

Visit Mercedes-Benz DSB to request access

BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Aftersales Online System (AOS)

BMW has also been using digital service records for quite some time. You can also view the specification and fitted options via the BMW system which is an added bonus.

Visit https://aos.bmwgroup.com/web/oss/start to request access.

Audi Digital Service Schedule (erWin)

To request access to Audis digital service records visit https://erwin.audi.com/erwin/showHome.do.

Volkswagen Digital Service Schedule (erWin)

To request access to VW’s digital service records visit https://erwin.volkswagen.de/erwin/showHome.do.

Skoda Digital Service Schedule (erWin)

To request access to Skodas digital service records visit https://erwin.skoda-auto.cz/erwin/showHome.do.

Seat Digital Service Schedule (erWin)

To request access to Seat digital service records visit https://erwin.seat.com/erwin/showHome.do.

Mazda Digital Service Records

All new Mazdas since 2006 have a digital service record. You can view and add new service records, annual body inspections and extended service items.

To request access visit - https://mapps.mazdaeur.com/mud/registerio.html

Ford Digital Service Record (DSR)

Ford Service Info is the replacement for the Ford Etis system.

To register for DSR (Digital Service Records) you will first need create a Ford Service Info account. Then proceed to free resources from the homepage and select DSR on the next screen. From here you can register for access to service history.

Amazingly there are still many manufacturers that do not keep a central service history record but there is no doubt that digital records are the future. Have we missed any? If you are aware of any other manufacturers that have digital service records and can be accessed by independent garages please get it touch!