Create a new employee account

In this guide we will show you how to create a new admin account for one of your employees.

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Invite a employee

Steps to completed by existing admin.

  1. Click Employees on the left hand menu
  2. Click Invite Employee from within the Employees screen
  3. Enter Employee Email Address
  4. Click Invite Employee. The employee will be sent an email with a link to continue creating their account.

Confirm account

Steps to be completed by new user.

  1. Click the Confirm Account button from within the Confirm your MyCars account email
  2. Enter your First Name and Last Name on the Complete Employee Registration page
  3. Create a secure password and enter in the Password and Confirm Password fields.
  4. Click the Save button

Employee invite links are only valid for 12 hours.

View employee invites

By clicking the Employee Invites tab within the Employees screen you can see the status of previous invites and if they have expired or been converted to an account.

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