Special Opening Times

How to add irregular opening and closing times which temporarily override your regular hours.

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From time to time your hours may differ from the usual schedule. For example bank holidays, Christmas and new year. In this guide we show you how to add these irregular hours which temporarily override your regular schedule. These opening hours will affect which booking slots will be available to your customers.

  1. Click Settings on the left hand menu and then click Sites from the menu that drops down.
  2. Select the site that you would like to change the hours for.
  3. Go to the Special Hours tab
  4. Click + Add Special Hours. This will bring up the special hours widget on the right hand side.
  5. Select the Date
  6. If you will be closed on this date leave Is Open untoggled. Toggle Is Open if you will be open and add your opening and closing times.

Click Save to add these special opening hours.

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